Cutting edge innovation in Outdoor Measurability

Audit and Programmatic Advertising

Urban Vision stands out in the Out of Home landscape for its commitment to audit and programmatic optimization of advertising investments. As the first major billboard player to join AudiOutdoor, Urban Vision ensures transparency and reliability in advertising measurements, offering clients advanced targeting and analytics systems to maximize campaign effectiveness and return on investment, setting new standards of precision and performance in the OOH sector.


Urban Vision was the first major billboard operator to join AudiOutdoor, the entity promoting transparency in the Out of Home market, creating a system with investors, agencies, and media centers. Thanks to the Audit4.0 system, Urban Vision ensures rapid and precise certifications of advertising campaigns, with data available within 24 hours from the start.

This initiative underscores Urban Vision’s commitment to complete transparency and reliability, through access to an online information system for the updated monitoring of the plant assets, constantly updated in collaboration with AudiOutdoor.


Urban Vision commits to maximize the effectiveness of its clients’ advertising investments, particularly through the use of digital advertising spaces in a programmatic mode, such as screens for transit and street furniture. This strategy ensures not only a superior optimization of ROI but also a more efficient, transparent, and controlled management of media planning.

Through programmatic planning, Urban Vision embraces cross-channel and omnichannel strategies, introducing advanced targeting logics that significantly improve the resonance of urban campaigns. This approach allows leveraging contextual data and detailed audience profiling, also based on external variables such as weather conditions or financial market dynamics, to optimize target penetration and increase the effectiveness of advertising investments.

As a pioneer in adopting advanced targeting systems for Out of Home campaigns, Urban Vision stands out for its ability to dynamically adapt advertising content to the specific needs of the audience and the urban context in which they are located, thus ensuring highly personalized and impactful campaigns.

Metrycs & Analytics

Urban Vision revolutionizes the outdoor advertising sector with a unique approach to “Metrics & Analytics,” blending innovation and advanced analysis. By adopting emerging data sources and utilizing cutting-edge technologies, Urban Vision maximizes the effectiveness of OOH campaigns, ensuring accurate audience profiling and enriching campaigns with valuable insights. The use of neuromarketing techniques, such as EEG analysis (using an electroencephalographic helmet to understand emotional-cognitive activation states) in response to stimuli, and monitoring skin conductance and heart rate to understand the level of physiological activation in response to stimuli, along with GPS data and demographic analysis, enhances campaign targeting.

This approach not only elevates the quality of campaigns but also establishes new standards of precision and transparency, positioning Urban Vision as a benchmark in the market for the reliability and quality of data provided, in order to support partners in developing increasingly effective and targeted advertising strategies. With Urban Vision, innovation becomes the key to deciphering and satisfying the complex dynamics of the audience, driving outdoor advertising towards new horizons of precision and impact.

Neuromarketing: Understanding the Real Impact

Through strategic partnerships, like the one with Target Research, Urban Vision explores the frontiers of neuromarketing to measure the real impact of its advertising solutions on consumers’ minds. These studies, based on neuroscientific methodologies, provide valuable insights into memorability and attention, confirming the effectiveness of the medium.