Maxi Out Of Home

The most prestigious restorations, the most strategic locations

The impact of a maxi, the versatility of digital

Urban Vision’s digital network opens up new creative and interactive possibilities, as demonstrated by the success of 3D video animations, which have revolutionized audience engagement through an unprecedented visual and immersive experience.

Exclusive locations for unprecedented impact

Located in the historical centers of major European cities, these spaces not only offer high-impact communication but also bear witness to a history that blends with innovation, making each message unique and prestigious.


Urban Vision’s large billboards represent a powerful communication medium, capable of capturing public attention definitively. Immune to being skipped through remotes or ad-blocks, these large displays guarantee an 80% viewability rate, confirming the undisputed effectiveness of the OOH medium.

The Growth of DOOH: A Future Full of Potential

The future of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) looks bright, with forecasts indicating a significant increase in investments in this sector. By 2027, it is estimated that 62% of Out of Home (OOH) investments will be in digital, highlighting the growing importance of contextual, real-time updateable, and deeply interactive communication.